What Is Carving On A Longboard: A Detail Guide For Beginner

if you are one them who know about what is carving on a longboard? then read it this blog, this is for you.

Carving is an essential or an important part of longboarding but most beginner longboarders are wondering about carving. How to use a longboard for carving? So let me make one thing clear to you. Without practice, you cannot be able to carve on a longboard if you do it, it can cause a danger for you.

Don’t worry, in this article, I will guide you about carving.  What is carving? How can we use the longboard for carving? Which practice is best for learning? And which type of longboard is use for it. And much more, so let’s see. 

History of Carving

The Carving longboard was first introduced by skiing products and ski, at first carving is about ski and the structure of ski, it is not related with ski shoe or fastening, we remember that at the end of 1990 to 98  all brands had transformed into carving skis. Al least some people will remember. But, actually, carving is a much older idea. 

Carving is one of the ideas invented at the end of the 1880s by Norwegians. Calling it technology is a bit wrong because carving is an idea. When you visit Oslo Ski Museum, you can see a wooden ski with carving style.

How To Carve On Longboard

So if you have a longboard and want to use it for carve and you have no experience of carving so don’t worry that is the perfect time of yours to learn the carving on your beloved longboard as you want. Because expert always say that “the more practice always to make you unique from others”

so it totally depended on you how much time to take a time to practice the carving.  So if you are a beginner the daily practice will make you one expert at a time. So keep practice.

The Purpose Of Carving On Longboard

Carving is a technique in the longboarding sport. Most people want to carve the board to better the stunt performance. And to that end, they perform a variety of carving techniques. So that he can make himself unique.

For this purpose, you must be able to control the board especially, when you are in a speedy mode.

Carving is also the foundation of other more advanced techniques that enable you to create greater momentum and speed.

To know the importance of carving let’s see the example  

If you are riding on a mountain area from top to down through longboard so when you go down, your speed is continuously high and difficult to control the board speed.

But using the carving technique you can easily grape the board speed and slow down the board speed minimum of 3 to 6 kph without applying any type of brake. 

That is amazing.

What is Carving on a Longboard? Basic Requirement

Before starting the carving on a longboard you must be known about how to ride on a longboard. The basic requirement must be fulfilled to go ahead one step of riding.

Your ultimate goal is to make a clean wavy line into the asphalt.

The safety feature is an important factor, before going to ride on a carving longboard  make sure to wear a helmet and gloves So that you are safe in case of an accident

Basically, when you carving on a longboard the whole body of the rider shifted to the other side and your feet are fixed on the longboard deck can easily carve the board as you want.   

Just hold your body weight constant on the board. If you carving the board right side to move the body left. Similarly, carving the board left side to move the bodyweight ride side. These techniques provide you more facilitate during carving longboard.

Additionally, don’t begin with steep slopes as you ought to get comfortable with controlling the speed first. Furthermore, you should gauge your legs’ pressing factor; you should feel the power on the toes and heels. On the off chance that you don’t, you ought to find out more; in any case, the board will not turn

A Perfect Place to Learn Carving

Most of the skaters or riders wanted to learn to cruise and carving skate in a comfort zone but it is quickly difficult because it has some tactics and technique to perform the carving on a longboard in a surface area, park, or a home town. 

Can you learn the carving on a comfort zone? If yes than come I will give you some suggestion to learn the carving on a longboard in a comfort zone.

If you lived in that area where the public park are nearly to you so that is best for you because in that area you can easily learn the skating or carving. So the skate park is also the good for you.

Most of the beginner are comes in a skate park and trying to learn the carving or cruising through longboards. So the best practice makes you always to perform the best skater. 

Choose the Best longboards For Carving

There is multiple options are available for beginner to choose the best longboard. Some of the boards are long deck or some are short deck. So in our experience I think the long deck board is best for carving because it easy to turn.

If you are an experience skater so you can easily to use the longboard for carving and turn right and left. But on the other side a newbie can face more difficult to perform the caring on longboard. So most of the expert skater suggested the long deck board for carving

So most of the characteristics to keep notice to choose the best longboard for carving let’s see.

Longboard Deck

Longboard deck for carving is the basic element to know every skater because it provides a vital role in carving.  The more longboard deck is durable and strong the rider feels most the secure on the deck to perform stunt.

There are two type of deck that are mounted on the top of the deck and fixed with screw and lower deck are mount with the truck through wheel that provide you flex during riding.

Deck Flex

Everyone know the longboard deck are come with 39 to 42 inch long and that is common longboard is consider to best for carving either the shorter is less flex behalf of long board

So the maple deck board or a bamboo wood deck is provides you more flexibility during riding the more flex mean the more you secure on the deck.

The Carving Wheel and Bearings

The wheel and bearings are considers is an important factor for smoothness the riding. Literally the longboard wheel is In small and large size with polyurethane constructed material.  While bearing  are also provide a rider the comfort level there are multiple level of bearing ABEC 1 to 9 level of comfort. Both are provide a satisfaction during riding on the longboard.


longboard carving is basically an art or an technique which the professional skater or rider using the board to perform the stunt. in longboarding carving the rider stand out on the board deck and using the feet it convert the board direction from left to right and the whole body weight shifted form one side.

there are basically two type of boards available in the market one is lonboard and other is short board. the length of the longbaord is 39 to 42 inch and the short board length is 32 to 36 inch. so the 42inch longboard are much consider is best for carving as expert say. because the trucks on the that type of baord are mounted with nearly of the front deck so it can easily be used to carve .

the wheel is playing an important role in the longboard carving or cruising so most of the experienced riders using the square edge shape wheel for carving because it provides a tight grip on the road while using the board for carving.


I hope this guide will help you to know about carving longboard. What is carving skate, how is it work and which components are necessary to learn about the carving. Which type of skill you learn before the carving and which type longboard are best for carving if you have any issue regarding the carving fell free contact with us. Our expert will provide you a best option to you.

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