Types of Longboard: Carving, Freestyle, Kicktail & Drop Down

The longboard market is very saturated specially for newbie when lot of different types of longboard available for you and to choose the best one it is very difficult.

If you are a skate lover and wanna ride on a longboard and you don’t have any information about longboarding which board is best for you from a riding perspective which components or materials are good to choose the durable longboards and what features should a longboard have. Therefore, we have written a guide for you to know all these features of different types of longboards.

So, don’t worry in this article our experienced team comparatively write a detail about different type of longboards, its material, its characteristics, and its performance So that you can choose something good which is best for you.

Type of Longboard

There are different types of longboards let’s check one by one detailed.

1. Downhill Longboard

Downhill Longboard
Downhill Longboard

Downhill longboards are specially designed for professional skaters. If you are skating in a mountain area through downhill longboards, so it very dangerous. Because during the downhill your board speed is up 60 to 70 mph and this is huge. if you have not the ability to control the longboards while downhill skating so it can be causes a major injury for you.

Downhill longboards are built with high-quality material like Canadian maple. These longboards deck types is very strong and has the ability to endure the weight up to 150 lbs. the greater the length of the deck, the better the turning ability.

Small size of wheel constructed with metal and steel covered with rubber to provide you more flexibility and comfortability during riding. These kicktail longboards are amazing foot place grip tapes are placed on the top of the deck which keeps the tight grip of your foot on the deck.

Without safety suite or helmet to ride on the downhill longboards is very dangerous for every skater. There is multiple downhill longboards brand available in the market so it totally depend on you what you want.

2. Freeride Longboard 

 Freeride Longboard
Freeride Longboard

Freeride longboarding is a little longer board than other longboards. These longboards types are using for cruising and carving. The amazing fact of freeride longboards is that you can also use it for riding on conquer steep road or rough road. It can also provide you flexibility while riding on a rigid road. 

Due to its small size of wheel, it can be easy to happen for sliding and turning when you riding on freeride longboards. For that reason, the skater enjoys the riding. Most of the freeride longboard brands are constructed with high- quality material

Normally freeride longboards comes with symmetrical or bi directional shape and design. This longboards deck length size is between 32 to 38 inch is consider ideal for freefide longboards. And width is 9 to 10inch.

3. Freestyle Longboard

Freestyle Longboard
Freestyle Longboard

Most of the skaters are confused with same name of freestyle and freeride longboards. But freestyle longboards types are completely different from the freeride longboards. its performance  it’s design and style and its construction material . Some people think that   it is the upgrade version of the freeride longboards

Freestyle longboards are mostly used in flat land like skate ground, Home Street, and college campus for fun.  While on the other hand freeride longboards are used for hill area sliding and rigid road.  Hence freestyle longboards are user friendly boards due to its small size it can easy to carry everywhere.

Furthermore, due to its amazing shape and beautiful design it looks pretty. The 70mm wheel base and steel trucks with kingpin provide you a strong grip during riding and dancing the board. The upfront and rear wheels are connected with ABEC 9 bearings to prevent from noise.

The deck is constructed with high quality wood maple. That can always use the drop through deck to provide stability at any skate tricks. They also work with kick tail for riding as freeride longboards. Most of the famous brands are come with freestyle longboards.

4. Cruiser Longboard

Cruiser Longboard
Cruiser Longboard

The cruiser longboards are an essential part of any rider’s life. If we take a look around us so we see that a beginner skater using the cruising board for riding around the mall and Street Park and enjoying the riding. This ideal cruiser longboard is perfect for your kid if you want to learn this technique.

Furthermore, cruiser longboards are typically mounted with the top of the truck and wheel. This can provide more stability while riding. On the other hand, these types of longboards come with a pintail shape which protects the deck from sidewalk cracks and bumps during riding.

These portable design longboards have come with small size and that’s why we can easily take it everywhere. So it would not be wrong to call it a mini-cruiser longboards. Cruiser longboards provide you more comfort ability and smoothness due to its big wheel size and small longboards deck type.

5. Carving Longboard

Carving Longboard
Carving Longboard

Carving longboarding is a technique that every professional skater performs in daily life.  That is much difficult for a newbie rider. Some of the famous brands like atom are especially built the longboards for carving.

Additionally, carving longboards has the ability to control the speed while riding downhill and especially using for cruising.  Construction of these longboards types is high-quality material with a higher performance level and comfort.

The 42 inch long deck and 70mm small size of polyurethane wheel make your riding journey more joyful and smooth. When you are in a fast track it can easy to turn from one angle to another angle without any distortion.

6. Drop Through Longboard

Drop Through Longboard
Drop Through Longboard

Drop through longboards are getting fame in the entire longboarding market place due to its best performance and construction material. The attractive design and amazing shape of these longboards are become a dream board of every skater.   

If you are skate sport lover so you will be definitely know the drop through longboards features and characteristics. And that’s why drop through longboards are top rated longboard in the skating market. This is one of the best longboards for cruising and carving.

In the end, it is a longboard and its controlling system is difficult than other longboards so when you are using these boards for riding keep you safe from any injury. And wear a high-quality helmet and knee pad to secure yourself at any cause.

7. Bamboo Longboard

Bamboo Longboard
Bamboo Longboard

Bamboo longboards are constructed to identify the problem while the skaters are facing during the riding. These bamboo longboards are made with lightweight material to perform highly flexibly. And for that reason it is very famous in the young generation who love skating.

Bamboo longboards have come at a reasonable price that every skate lover can easily buy in the market for riding. One of the additional features of these longboards is that when you need it will provide you wheel changing option to you

These longboards are totally built with woody maple and that why it provide you a strong deck other than longboards.

8. Electric Longboard

Electric Longboard
Electric Longboard

The Electric longboards are totally controlled electronically. Electric longboards have come with a battery are insert with the bottom of the deck and that has the recharging capability to restore the charging while using the board for riding.

Riding on that type of best electric longboard is much easy because this is remotely controlled just stand on the deck and using the remote press the up button to move the board in the upfront direction. When you buy this longboard it has 3 to 5 components that have come with this like Bluetooth remote control, battery, and charging cable

Electric longboards are built with strong it has capacity to restore charging and constantly using 3 to 5 hours rapidly.   

9. Pintail Longboard

pintail longboards
pintail longboards

If you are worried about wheel bite of the longboards while riding so don’t worry the teardrop shape longboards provide you a complete satisfaction about any risk of wheel bite. This is one of the best longboards for cruising especially on the surface area or mountain area.

The sharp nose and tail design of these longboards are the minimum risk of wheel bites while riding on the boards. The main focus of these boards is to balance the rider on the surface of the longboards deck. And also maintain the weight capacity during the riding.

This is one of the best pintail longboards for drafting and directional riding.

10. Double Drop Longboard

Double Drop Longboard
Double Drop Longboard

Double drop longboards are the advanced version of the drop through longboards. Most of the usages of these longboards types are in the mountain area this is the perfect design for the hill area. If a skater wants ride on the hill area this is one of the best longboards for hill area.

In hill area the main fact is to control the speed while riding on the hill area and double drop longboards has specialty to control the speed in hill area. So that can easily manipulated the speed due to his low center of gravity. 

What type of longboard is the best?

Longboards are a type of skateboard that has a longer wheelbase than other types. They’re best used for cruising, carving, and downhill riding. These boards are also good for beginners because they can be adjusted to fit your height and weight.

Longboards are good choices if you want to do freestyle tricks or even downhill racing on the streets!

What is the most common type of longboard?

There are a few different types of longboard, but the one you’ll most commonly find is a drop-through. This means that it has two wheels mounted at the bottom of the board, with another set directly above those.

The second most common type is top mount—a single wheel in place of both wheels on your typical longboard deck (although some riders use dual-wheel setups). This design allows you to point your feet down more easily while riding and makes it easier to kick uphill without tipping over backward!

Another fun option is an old school cruiser board: these have large tails that curve around behind them as they turn so they can be ridden like rollerblades or scooters; however, this style can also mean more maintenance issues due to frequent wear and tear caused by being ridden over bumpy terrain all day long.”

What are the 4 types of skateboards?

There are four main types of skateboards: street, park, dance, and cruiser. The differences between them are subtle but important.

Street Skateboards: If you’re looking for a board that can handle the roughest streets and sidewalks around your town—or even while traveling through Europe—a street-style board will be the right choice for you. Street boards have flat tops with no concave areas where your wheels would sit if they were on another type of board (think about it like an old-fashioned suitcase). This design makes them more stable than other styles but also gives them less versatility in terms of wheel size or wheel type (i.e., standard vs pro). If this sounds like what you’re looking for in terms of stability and functionality then go ahead and pick up one today!

Which longboard is easiest to ride?

If you are a beginner, go for a drop-through longboard. This type of board will give you the most stability and control as your skills improve. A top-mount longboard may be easier to learn on because it has less weight at the front end of the board and allows for better balance when riding down hills or curving corners.

If we had to pick one type of longboarding over another, it would probably be drop-throughs because they’re easy to use and fun to ride!

What type of longboard is best for cruising?

Cruising longboards are usually made of maple or bamboo, and they’re usually cheaper than other types of longboards. They are shorter than most other types of the longboard, which makes them easier to maneuver at low speeds.

Cruising boards are also popular because they have a lower center of gravity than other types of the board; this means that when you fall off your cruising board, you’ll land on the deck instead of flat ground (like what happens if you fall from skateboarding).

Why are longboards better for beginners?

  • Longboards are more stable than skateboards.
  • Longboards are easier to control.
  • The wheels of a longboard are bigger and softer, so they’re easier to ride on the street.

Which is harder longboard or skateboard?

While longboards are easier to ride, they can be more challenging to learn. Longboarders tend to use their feet as the only part of their body that touches the ground when riding. This makes it easier for beginners with no experience in skating or snowboarding because there is no need for balance or coordination when riding a longboard. Skateboards have wheels attached on both sides of the board which gives skaters greater control over where they go and allows them to do tricks like heel flips or kick turns (rotating around 180 degrees). Longboarders usually only use one foot at a time while skateboarders will alternate between both feet every few seconds depending on what trick they are doing; this requires more skill from an experienced skateboarder than from someone who has never ridden before!

Longboards also tend to be sturdier than skateboards since they don’t have any moving parts within them like trucks (rollers), wheelsets or bearings–but while this makes them easier on your wallet it doesn’t necessarily mean less fun!

How many types of longboards are there?

The number of longboard types is pretty impressive. You can choose from different shapes and sizes, with wheels ranging from a few inches to over 17 inches in diameter. There are also 3-inch and 5-inch trucks available, as well as choices for fiberglass decks or hardwood sticks.

There are many different kinds of longboards on the market today, but what makes them so popular? Why do people invest so much time and energy into them? In this article, we’ll take a look at some reasons why people love their boards—and how they can help you decide which one is right for you!

What are the 5 major types of surfboards?

You’ve probably seen a few of these on your friends’ boards. They’re referred to as shortboards and longboards, but they actually fall into two main categories: fish and thruster.

The first type is known as a “fish” because it has a rounded bottom that allows it to dive into waves with ease. For beginners who want to learn how to surf or just have fun in the water, this is an excellent option because it’s easy for anyone—even kids—to ride without worrying about falling off.

The second type of surfboard is shaped like an elongated triangle (or “thruster”), which makes them more stable than most other types of boards out there; however, if you’re not accustomed enough to riding one yourself yet then this might not be right for your skill level yet either!


The best longboard for you is the one that fits your riding style and comfort level. If you are looking for a more aggressive ride, then the longboard is probably going to be best suited to give you the experience of riding a skateboard but with better stability and control. If you want something more cruiser-like, then there are boards available in many different sizes so finding one that fits your body type will be easier than ever before.

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