Best Longboard For Surfing in 2022 – Honest Review

Do you go to the beaches or you go surfing on the beach with your friends. And having a surfing skill and a board feel embarrassed for not being there. Or are you looking for a good board for surfing? In which all the features a beginner to an advanced level user needs related to surfing can be found. So I’m going to tell you about the products that will solve this problem for you.

After researching and reviewing some articles and listing some famous surfer interviews we got this product list for you on the basis of some famous surfer recommendations like Kelly Slater an American champion surfer. And I am sure after reading this article we would be able to choose the best longboard for surfing to start your surfing journey.

10 Best Longboard For Surfboard

Here is the detailed list of best longboard for surfing for you check it out.

Product Name  Type Price
Boardworks Froth Surf board Check Price
Wavestorm 8ft Surf board Check Price
Ho Stevie Surfboard Check Price
Giantex Surfboard Check Price
South Ray Surfboard Check Price
Rock-IT Surfboard Check Price
Skimboard Surfboard Check Price
Paragon Retro Noserider Surfboard Check Price
PINLINE PRO Surfboard Check Price
Swallowtail Surfboard Check Price

Boardworks Froth – Best Surf Longboard

This Boardworks Froth is a long surfboard. This is one of the best soft surfboards. If you look at its design the higher surface of this board are laminated with polystyrene and the coated with fiberglass which is perfect for longer lasting use.

As the Froth traction is capable of providing the highly secure support during maneuvering through the waves, then applying the basecoat formula will provide additional grip.

Most of the surfing riders suggest this gadget to be the best learner. Because it is the easiest to mount and the easiest to control. It is available in different sizes starting at 5ft and up to 9ft.


  • Available in three different variant from kid to adult
  • Constructed with EVA and EPS material
  • No Extra Wax is needed for grip
  • Durable and long lasting use


  • For additional security use basecoat formula
  • Expensive surf board

Wavestorm 8ft Surfboard – Best Classic Longboard

Wavestorm surfboards are known as classic surf longboards. This is one of the first stand-up paddle boards that are thoroughly crafted to encompass fun and delight for the surfing enthusiast. It will provide you perfect pleasure during surfing riding.

This is the only board that has all the amenities of a great surfboard along with the ability to be useful in any position. The ideal length of this surfboard is 8ft which is ideal for both adult and kid surfers. It is also considered the best foam surfboard by many.

We can see in his construction material that there are three rods inserted into his surface to add strength and flexibility. Additionally, the EPS foam is laminated with it for additional strength and flexibility. No extra wax is used for standing on the leash board.


  • No additional wax is required
  • 3 rods are installed for extra strength
  • Durable and flexible
  • Easy to use and control


  • Not suitable for tall people
  • Not endure heavy weigh

Ho Stevie Surf Board- Best Budged Surfer

Ho Stevie surfboard comes with a sock cover which protects your surfboard from any dings and ultraviolet radiation sunlight that turns your board yellow over time and it keeps the wax from melting off of your surfboard onto on your car interior when you’re driving to and from the beach

These are some of the best-budged surfboards about to get you started with water skipping. These boards are available in two different sizes and shapes. One has a pointed nose and the other has a rounded nose and measures 6 to 9.6ft.

You can easily remove this sock, and it has a separate pocket inside to store board components like fins, key, leash, traction pad, and changing mat.


  • Available in a reasonable price tag
  • Light protection bag
  • Single fin of board
  • Easy to use


  • Low quality material
  • Not use for long lasting
  • Stand up pad is not durable

Giantex Surfboard – Best For Rider

The Giantex surfboard is highly recommended board for anyone including intermediate and beginner surfers; Giantex is made of high-quality materials. Furthermore, all its components are different from all the other boards on the market.

At the front of the board, the EPS foam is placed in an arc linear design that provides extreme stability in small waves or large waves. The EPE deck keeps your shoes grippy on the board and the detachable fins improve your grip during speed and lift.

This is suitable for beginners and has multiple dimensions and thickness to check which one would be suitable for you. This is fully safe from any risk. Please use this board under prescribed conditions as per weight capacity.


  • Highly recommended for adult
  • More security feature including
  • Durable and strong
  • Best in price tag


  • Safety leash is thinner
  • Fins are easily removable

South Ray Surfboard – Best For Beginner Experience

A company that produces beginner surfboards for teenagers is called South Ray Board Co. It is lightweight and the surfer design is influenced by the best beginner shaper that produced a complete guppy surfboard.

This amazing bony fish design board has influenced every surfer by its stability and characteristics like its rounded nose shape improve float and paddle speed. A wooden stringer is inserted within the foam for durability. And the plastic netting layer makes it extra durable.

Additionally, high quality slick plastic has been placed on the bottom of the board to prevent impact damage of any netting. A leash and fins help the guppy surfer to catch a bunch of waves with ease.


  • High quality material constructed
  • Good for kid and adult
  • Amazing features
  • Affordable price


  • In heavy waves they are sinks easily
  • Not for long lasting

Rock-it Surfboard – Best For Kid Learning

A rock-it surfboard offers an excellent starting surfing package that will suit your kid of less than 10 years old so they will learn surfing from that board. It most definitely becomes the perfect board for a beginner, since it satisfies the entire beginner requirement for surfing.

Construction materials are completely wrapped with EPS foam layer providing protection from UV and for durability two marine wooden stringers are placed with it. The fiberglass cloth in the structure is epoxy resin.   

Further, this board offers you a 1-year warranty if you need to claim it in case you encounter any issue with its material and performance. And this is the reason this board is trustworthy in the surf market.


  • Quality construction material
  • Best for kids under 5 to 10 year
  • Value for money
  • Affordable price


  • Not use for heavy weight lbs.
  • Not use for adult

Skimboard Surfboard – Best For Advanced Surfer

Skimboard surfboard is manufactured by south ray Board Company which has previously been discussed in detail about its rider features. The skimboard is a pro series surfboard created for intermediate or experienced surfers.

The manufacturer of this marauder pro series skimboard is totally focused on design with surfer fingerprint texture on the surface of the board. This enables the rider to hold the board accurately and perform tricks confidently to rip the water waves.

At the bottom there is fiberglass placed on it for durability. The printed fiber; EPS cell foam, clear epoxy resin laminate, and top traction deck pad are installed on the board for well performance.


  • Small in size but performance is well
  • High quality material constructed
  • Extra traction pad are install on it
  • Affordable price


  • In a few uses traction pad is falling
  • Not use for long term

Paragon Surfboards Retro Noserider – Best For Noserider

The Retro Noserider is a 9ft board made of Paragon Surfboards patented Para Lite epoxy, which is lighter and offers greater durability and buoyancy than plain old epoxy. It has 50 rails, and the full nose is perfect for nose riders.

The additional features of this board which make him unique from other than is a paralite technology. This makes this board lighter, strong and durable and definitely it also impact on his performance well. A wide range of wave conditions have confirmed its superior performance and strength. 

This is first board which is suggested for all level of surfer from beginner to advance. it’s a user friendly board. this board is out of budge but that’s the only board which is meet you all requirement as you want and see in a single surfer board.


  • High performance board especially for professional
  • Paralite technology for strength and durability
  • Easy to use for all level surfer
  • Highly constructed material


  • Expensive board for beginner
  • Only suggested for professional surfer

PINLINE Surfboard – Best Pro Longboard For Adult

Pinline surfboard is the other type of wavestorm classic board that is come in a 7ft. this is the best-selling board due to his performance and high quality material in the surf board world. And that’s the reason every season; Wavestorm is trusted to deliver the most advanced & innovative material and compositions

It’s just like other surf board are constructed with high quality material like 3 rod stringer cover with EPS foam cell and the bottom is cover with high density HOPE slick skin which makes you speedy during surfing.

If we look at his dimension it’s a classic board so its length is 7ft and width is 22Inch the thickness is an important factor during surfing because it keep you secure from drowning. It endures maximum 200lbs weight capacity.


  • Great board for learning
  • Durable and strong
  • Affordable price
  • Easily managed


  • Not suitable for short stature
  • Expensive for newbie

Swallowtail Surfboard – Best Ever Quality Longboard

The swallowtail surfboards are designed in a new modern way. This belongs to a famous surfer brand wavestorm company which produces a quality board in a market and that’s why people can trust him because they know that company will not compromise with quality.

If we take a look at his designing material so we know that all of the surfboard materials almost the same with each other. Like its construction material. The materials used in its construction are almost identical. For example its EPS foam, 3 marine ply stringer, the bottom surface

One of the additional things that are inserted in this swallowtail surfboard is that the silica ting is placed as the side of fins which provides you safety during riding on the water surface and keeps the board sage from water absorption. A highly maneuverable balanced shape, the swallow tail is perfect for riders who need more carve and want to better master the art of shortboard surfing.


  • Decrease the water absorption
  • Reflect ultraviolet radiation
  • Durable and strong
  • Perfect for kiddos


  • Board nose is not suction wrapped package
  • Not capable for heavy weight

Final Verdict  

Longboard Surfing has never lost popularity in over centuries. The only reason is people who go to the beach and enjoy the waves and for that, he uses the surfboard so that they can withstand the waves of the sea. And for that, they improve your surfing skill so that they can perform better. The above surfing board list is for all of those who want to learn the surfing from beginner to professional level and choose the best longboard for surfing to start your surfing journey.

How to Choose The Best Longboard For Surfing

The longboard surfboard literally measures six to twelve feet and has a rounded nose shape. There are many types of surfboards available in the market. So, how do you decide which surfing longboard is best for your kid and yourself? Let’s discuss

i am highly recomended this video for sufing longboard atleast one time you see this video

Construction and Materials

Construction material is an important part of any product based on which we guess the durability and stability. If we talk about these surfing board construction materials so most of this product is building with EPS foam cell (Expanded polystyrene) which can endure the weight load and hold the load strength. It is covered with fiberglass to make it more secure.

The EPS foam is lightweight and rigid that keeps the foam safe from ultraviolet rays. Another important construction material that is very important in surfing board is the plastic deck and marine ply stringer. The plastic is placed at the bottom of the board which is mostly used to tearing the water waves and for speed and the 3 and 2 ply marine stringer keeps the board from sink during surfing on water.


In surf longboarding, length plays an important role, and you know that longboards are long. Usually, there are two types of boards; a shortboard and a longboard. Short boards are right for beginners, but if you know how to surfing and want to tear the wave then a longboard would be best for you. Most of the length of the shortboard is upto 6 to 8ft. and the longboard is 8 to 14ft.

Moreover, if you are a beginner and need to perfect your surfing skill, then the shorter board for surfing is best for you. However, if you are a more experienced surfer and enjoy the cross-stepping in the waves with the nose board, the longer board is best for you.

Thickness and Width

Width is very important for a surfer because it needs a space at the surface of the board using which to stand on the board to perform surfing. Width can be measure from one rail to rail. Mostly width is between 22 to 25 inches which is suitable for every of surfer like beginner or intermediate.

The lower thickness is better for the turning and carving for the lower thickness below 2.5 inches. The 2.5 inch thickness is better considered for professional but If you have no experience then go for 3.0 range.


Generally speaking, the longer the surfboard, the better they can handle nose riding. With the curvature on top, the board stays afloat without additional load on the nose or tail. Several rocker boards are faster and swifter but require more effort to shift your weight and make turns


There are multiple longboards available for surfing but due to my experience and reading and reviewing the most surfing articles as well as following the famous surfer and reading his interviews, the Boardworks Forth is the best for each type.

Compared to the shortboard, which is only recommended for advanced surfers who are using this board for stunt performance, there is a lot of difference between longboard and shortboard. Longboard surfboard is best suitable for newbies and it is great for learning perspective for a beginner.

If your age is between 10 to 20 then a 6 to 8ft shortboard is the best because it is easy to use and control. While if you fall in 20 to onward the 8 to 14ft longboard is best.

To finalize the longboard for surfing is a difficult part but these major points to keep in mind to pick the right surfing board. These factors is helping to pick the right surfer.

  • Design & Material
  • Length for short&long surfboard
  • Endure weight capacity
  • Customer review
  • Volume density
  • Top recommendation
  • Shape
  • Size


The purpose of this article is to cover all necessary information about surfing boards from beginner to advanced level surfers. So the ultimate decision depends on you what product best meets your surfing criteria. I would recommend the Boardworks Froth because it has all the surfing aspects in one.

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