What are Best Longboard Brand: [Top 10] Reviews [Jan 2023]

There are several best longboard brands on the market, but which is best? We’re here to tell you which ones we think are worth your time and money.

What kind of longboard should you get? This is a question that a lot of beginner and intermediate riders have. The truth is, there are a lot of great longboard brands on the market today, but it ultimately depends on what you’re looking for in a board and your riding style.

In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the best longboard brand on the market today and what makes them unique. So, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been riding for a while, read on to learn more about the longboard best brands out there!

Let’s discuss it one by one with you.

Best Longboard Brand for Beginners

1 Sector 9 Longboard

sector 9 longboard
sector 9 longboard

The Sector 9 longboard is a great board for beginners and expert riders alike. It has a low center of gravity, making it suitable for downhill riding, cruising, and just about any other type of terrain you can find. This board will be your go-to when you want to have fun on the streets or in the skate park.

Sector 9 is a premium longboard brand that provides quality products to its customers. This means they have to maintain high standards, which the company has been doing since day one of operation in order for it did not compromise on what matters most – maintaining customer trust and satisfaction by continuing to make top-notch gear with fair prices accessible only through sector 9!

Sector 9 longboards are considered the best in every sense of that word. They have been producing quality boards since it all started and they continue to do so because their dedication is unmatched by any other brand out there!

Sector 9 is the top-of-the-line longboarding company. They make boards and other equipment for downhill skating as well, like wheels, bearings, or trucks–all of which help you ride easier to your favorite spot!

This is one of the best longboards brands around the world. Its top-selling product is sector 9 blue wave lookout which is best for beginners and sector 9 Fractal complete and sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder which is best for cruising and carving. This is a good longboards brands company.

2 Landyachtz Longboard

Landyachtz Longboard
Landyachtz Longboard

Landyachtz is a brand that needs no introduction in the longboarding world. They are one of the most popular and well-known brands out there, and for good reason. Their boards are quality constructed and perfect for all types of riders. Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced pro, Landyachtz has a board to suit your style. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at some of their most popular longboards and discuss what makes them so great. So, if you’re thinking about picking up a new Landyachtz board, keep reading!

Landyachtz is a brand that’s known around the world for its innovation and high-quality construction material. This means they have maintained their trust factor between riders, which makes people feel safe about buying from them so far over time – especially with how many years of success this company has had in making longboards great again!

Landyachtz is a well-established brand that has been around for years. They make longboards specifically designed to be ridden downhill, and their durability paired with maneuverability ensures top performance in any situation you can put it through!

The two founders of this top longboard brand are the Canadians Michael Perreten and Thomas Edstrand. They started their company in 1997 with just one goal: to make high-quality products for people who love riding skateboards as much they do! One popular model is called “Landyachtz Dinghy” which contains many features that make it ideal whether you’re looking after kids or adults; while another great option would be ‘Lanichch tugs boat’.

The Landyachtz Switch 40 is a longboard for all types of riders. With its unique design, this board will have something to appeal to every user type!

3 Loaded Longboard

Loaded Longboard
Loaded Longboard

If you’re looking for the best longboard brand to buy, since its beginning Loaded has been a top choice. They work closely with riders and produce some of today’s most sought-after boards in order to provide variety when it comes down to what type or style do want- whether you interested more in freestyle tricks or cruising around town!

The company offers a wide range including bhangra (for dancing)and dervish which are perfect if this sounds like something up your alley; there will also be complete models from Paris & Oragatang attached so check out all three lines before making any decisions concerning the purchase

When it comes to longboarding, the loaded boards are some of our favorites. We interviewed several professional riders and they all said that these brands have great designs with plenty of deck space for big turns or tricks!

The Loaded Board always works on innovation and for that, it can prioritize your product like a snowboard or skateboard. It also builds the basic components of longboards: decks, wheel designs, and truck molds in order to have an ultimate riding experience with its wheels!

The company is a well-established business that has been in operation since 2002. The famous brands they are known for now include Loaded Tan Tien and the Dervish Stance Harness, which have helped them maintain their popularity among sports enthusiasts across America.

4 Lush Longboard

Lush Longboard
Lush Longboard

As a professional longboarder, I’m always on the lookout for new products and technologies that can help me take my riding to the next level. When Lush Boards contacted me about their new longboard, I was intrigued. The guys over at Lush have been in the skateboarding industry for a while, so I knew they must have something special up their sleeves. After checking out their website and watching some of their videos, I decided to order one of their boards and give it a try.

The UK-based company, Lush Longboards was founded in 2010 and they design high-quality longboard skateboards for all skill levels. These boards are perfect to explore yourself while growing your riding skills with their sleek designs that will help you get around town or hit the road more efficiently!

The deck is created from a combination of Canadian maple and wood to give it that extra strength. The design consists mainly of vertical laminate layers, which are made up entirely in the concave shape for ultimate control overturns or slides at any speed

The Swift Longboard and Nomad longboards are top-selling products because they offer a cheap, yet durable option for anyone who wants to get into longboarding.

Best Longboard Brand For Cruising

5 Arbor Longboard

Arbor Longboard
Arbor Longboard

The Arbor Longboard is designed to be a high-performance, longboarding experience for those who are new and expert alike. With the versatility of carving, cruising, freeriding, and commuting in mind as well as some more serious riding terrain like downhill or slalom courses.

The Arbor Longboard is made from high-quality Canadian Maple wood with a bamboo core running through it. The board weighs about 4 pounds and has a medium flex that makes it easy to turn corners quickly without losing momentum. It can withstand a lot of weight while still being able to ride smoothly over rough surfaces because of its superior urethane wheels on either end that absorb any bumps or dips in the road ahead.

Arbor longboard builds a cheap but high-quality board to suit any type of skier or snowboarder.
A great design is key for those who want downhill riding abilities with comfort and sustainability in mind, which makes it perfect if you’re just starting out!

The best-selling product of the Arbor Axis longboards is “Arbor Shakedown Koa” and Walnut flavor.

6 Atom Longboard

Atom Longboard
Atom Longboard

Longboarding has been around for decades, but the Atom longboard is bringing a whole new level of performance to the game. This board is perfect for anyone from beginners to experts, and its sleek design makes it easy to maneuver on any terrain. Whether you’re bombing down a hill or cruising through town, the Atom longboard is sure to provide a smooth and enjoyable ride.

The atom longboard started its journey in 2005 and in a very short period of time, it has achieved a great position in the longboard market. It provides a high-quality board with a reasonable price tag to the customer. And that’s the reason they enrolled top of the brand list.

For the design of their longboards, Atom chooses to focus on three important factors: excellent performance (a good choice for beginners and professionals), classic shapes like pintail or tail-nosed boards that are preferred by many riders around the world because they’re easy to control while sliding; as well these boards can also be shaped so you don’t lose your footing when turning. And lastly, there’s an option with through decks which means it has no concave at all!

The best-selling product among Atom’s longboard line is the Drop through, Pintail and Deck. These boards are perfect for cruising or carving on your local streets while being beginner-friendly at an affordable price point!

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7 Globe Longboard

Globe Longboard
Globe Longboard

The globe longboard is an Australian-based company that has innovated the Longboarding for a skateboard. It came into being with amazing design and beautiful structure as well as a good response from people who tried it out!

Globe longboard brand focuses on the board speed and stability for any type of rider like a beginner and armature rider who wants to learn this amazing skill of riding. With this mission, the global brand has come into the longboard market and produces a high-quality board for customers.

Globe longboard products are very popular, but some of the best-selling boards on this site tend to come from Geminin or Gemination. These micro drop models offer a great introduction for those who want something more basic than full-size cruisers without having any trouble riding them in style!

Best Longboard Brand For Dancing

8 Yocaher Skateboard

Yocaher Skateboard
Yocaher Skateboard

A new revolutionary skateboard design, the Yocaher Skateboard has been developed to help people with disabilities and other physical limitations enjoy this popular sport. The creators of the board have added a special wheel that can be pushed or pulled by hand to move around obstacles in one’s path like curbs, stairs, and small inclines. This allows for more flexibility than traditional skateboards which can’t maneuver over these types of surfaces without assistance from another person.

The yocaher skateboard also manufactures a longboard for a starter it is a California-based company that is started in 1975. In the Entire longboard brand, the yocaher skateboard has the oldest brand and therefore people can trust him.

The Yocaher drop-down longboard is a great choice for beginners. It has an iconic design and top-rated reviews from other users who have tried it out themselves! You can also get their electric version if you’re looking to take your riding experience further than ever before – without having any worries about getting hurt or lost on the road thanks again for these awesome boards

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9 Santa Cruz Longboard

Santa Cruz Longboard
Santa Cruz Longboard

A longboard is a type of skateboard, often used for cruising and carving. It has a large deck that allows riders to stand up on the board when riding downhill or pushing. The rider also gets more stability over rough terrain than they would with shorter boards. Longboards are typically 40 inches (101 cm) to 60 inches (152 cm) in length, but can be as short as 30 inches (76 cm). This style of skating became popular in the 1960s-1970s with surfers who use it to travel quickly among waves along the coastlines.

When we take a look at the design of these longboards the first thing that comes to our mind is its look like a Santa Cruz land shark. This is best for those riders who skate the board in a surrounded area like a home street or a skate park.

The Santa Cruz brand is a well-known name in the world of boarding. This longboard has been designed to meet all your needs whether you’re an experienced downhill rider or just want something for traveling around town, this board will suit every purpose! Its lightweight design makes it easy t transport anywhere without having any trouble with storage space constraints either so don’t hesitate – get one today before they sell out again !!!

Santa Cruz longboards also come into the market with the name of Santa Cruz Skateboards and therefore it becomes a famous brand around the world. This brand enlists itself in the top 10 longboard brand list.

The best longboard brands are Santa Cruz Cobra and Lion God. The company has many popular boards in its lineup, but these two stand out for being top-rated by riders across the globe!

10 D-Street Longboard

D-Street Longboard
D-Street Longboard

The D-Street Longboard is a great board for beginners because it has a specialized grip tape design to help the rider with balance. The deck is made of 7 plies of maple wood which are laminated together to make it stronger. It also has an aluminum alloy truck and steel axels so you can go faster and harder without breaking your board!
The D-Street Longboard will be what’s needed to get started in longboarding!

“The D Street longboard reviews are good from others because it also comes with a mini-cruiser board that is strong and durable. A lot of people think these boards last forever, but I haven’t had one for more than two years!”

The best thing about this board is its trucks. They make it easier for beginners because you can ride any terrain without worrying that your deck will fail or give out on top of trying some new tricks!

D street Atlas Cruiser and D street Beach Cruiser is the best longboard product of this brand.

Which is the best longboard brand for beginners

The best longboard brand for beginners is atom longboard. Atom offers a range of different boards, from the most basic to the most advanced and everything in between. They have sizes that fit every rider’s needs, whether they’re looking for a small cruiser perfect for getting around town or something more performance-driven with larger wheels and trucks designed to go fast on pavement. Most importantly, their decks are made using high quality materials that will last through lots of wear and tear so you can be sure your board won’t break down before you do! If you need some help choosing which type of deck would work best for your skill level or what size might suit your body frame better than visit our website.

best longboard brand for beginner

Buying the right longboard for beginners is key. You don’t want to buy a board that will break your back or makes it difficult for you to get around on. If you are new, it is best to start with a smaller board that has more flex and less weight. This will help ease into the sport while still giving you enough support so that when it comes time for bigger and better things down the road (like longer distances) they won’t cause too much discomfort in your feet or knees.

what is the best longboard brand?

If you’re new to longboarding, you might be wondering what the best longboard brand is.

So, what makes a good longboard brand? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for. For beginners and kids, I’d recommend Gullwing Skateboards because they have great designs and reasonable prices. For adults and teens who are more experienced at riding boards but want something that still has enough style to look cool while doing tricks on the streets (or trails), I’d recommend Sector 9 Boards. And if your budget allows it—and if you don’t mind spending some money—then definitely go with Loaded Boards! They offer everything from beginner boards all the way up through pro models in their lineup so there’s something for everyone!

what longboard brand is the best

Longboards are a type of skateboard that is longer, wider and has more grip than regular skateboards. They’re great for cruising, carving, and downhill riding. Longboards can be used for commuting, but they’re not as fast as regular skates (or even cruisers).

Longboards can come in one or two-wheel designs; however, if you plan on riding your longboard all day then it’s best to go with the larger two-wheeled ones so that you can balance better when going up hills or curving around corners.

what is the best brand for longboard wheels?

What is the best brand for longboard wheels? Well, that’s a tough question. There are a lot of different options out there, and it can be hard to tell which one is right for you. If you’re looking for a great performing longboard wheelset then we recommend checking out our top picks below!

Which brand of the skateboard is best?

If you’re new to skateboarding and need a board that’s easy to learn on, check out the RIDE Freeboard. This board is designed for beginners who want to try out the sport without investing too much money. The RIDE Freeboard has a low center of gravity and soft wheels that make it easy for kids to learn how to skateboard on their own.

If you want something more advanced than the RIDE Freeboard but still want something affordable, consider spending $100-$200 on an Abec 11 Bearings system for your new longboard (or any other type of deck). It will help make sure that your gear lasts longer because if there’s anything I’ve learned from being involved in this hobby since childhood—it’s that nothing lasts forever!

Does the skateboard brand matter?

You may be wondering if there’s a difference between skateboard brands. And the answer is: yes. There are many different types of skateboards, so it’s important to know what type you want before buying one.

Skateboarders have a lot of choices when choosing their next board—and they’re all not created equal! Some boards are better for beginners than others, while some pros prefer certain designs over others (like longboards versus shortboards). The best skateboard brand will help you find exactly what works best for your needs as a rider and give you more confidence in your ability to get around town safely.

The following factors can determine whether or not the right brand will suit your needs:

Are longboards safer than skateboards?

Longboards are safer than skateboards. The most common reason that people get hurt on skateboards is that they’re too small and unstable, so the rider is more likely to fall off. Longboarders don’t have this problem because the longboard can handle bigger impacts without breaking apart or losing control of their ride.

Longboards are also easier to learn on than skates—they require less finesse, making them a better option for beginners who want something easy but fun to do once they’ve gotten used to riding around on their feet instead of sliding across ice or pavement if something goes wrong with one’s balance during a trick attempt (which will happen eventually).

What boards do pro surfers use?

  • Pro surfers use longboards.
  • Pro surfers use boards with a lot of flex, traction, and grip.
  • Pro surfers can ride any type of longboard, but they’ll often choose one that has a bit more pop to it (or “pop” if you’re not familiar with surfing lingo).

What is the most popular surfboard?

So, you want to know what is the most popular surfboard? Well, if you are looking for a longboard to use in your daily life or just for fun, then I would suggest that it should be either a shortboard or a regular longboard. Here are some of the most popular surfboards:

  • Longboards: The best longboards are usually made from fiberglass and have low-volume decks that can be used by experienced riders who want more control over their ride. They also tend to be lighter than other types of surfboards because they don’t have as much wood inside them compared with other types of materials used in making these products; however, this can make them less durable compared with other types of materials used in making these products due their thinness which makes them susceptible towards breaking easily when hit by waves while surfing on lakes/tanks etcetera.”

How expensive should a longboard be?

You’re probably wondering, how much should I spend on a longboard?

The answer depends on your budget and the type of riding you want to do. If you plan on skating or snowboarding a lot, then we recommend buying a board that is more expensive than one used solely for transportation purposes (i.e., from Wall Street). However, if you just want something fun to do at night after work with friends and family—or even alone—then our recommendation would be less than $200 for a complete setup with wheels included!

What brand has the best quality skateboards?

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing which brand to buy. First, you want to know the reputation of the company and what they’re known for. Then you need to look at their history and how long they have been around as well as their quality, price range, and customer service.

The best skateboard brands are those that have stood out from others over time because they offer something unique that no other company can offer: style! You want something that looks great on your feet while also being functional enough so that it doesn’t fall apart after just one use (which is why we recommend buying used).


Finding the perfect longboard brand for you can be a daunting process. With so many brands out there, it’s difficult to know which one will work best for your needs. We hope that our list of top 10 longboard brands has helped in your search and we encourage you to let us know if any of these companies are not up-to-par with what you were looking for. If anything, this blog post should give you an idea of who is making quality products; at least then when someone asks “What kind of board do I want?” You can confidently provide them with some suggestions!

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