Best Longboard Wheels For Heavy Riders | Review in 2023

Navigating the world of longboarding can be a thrilling adventure, especially for the heavyweight thrill-seekers among us. However, it also comes with its own set of challenges and considerations.

One of the most crucial aspects to consider is the choice of wheels, which significantly impact your riding experience. As a heavier rider, your wheel selection can be the difference between a smooth, controlled ride and one fraught with instability and discomfort.

This article “Best Longboard Wheels for Heavy Riders: Review in 2023” serves as an essential guide for heavyweight riders. We have meticulously tested, analyzed, and compiled a list of the top longboard wheels that are specifically designed to accommodate heavier weights. From durability to performance, grip to speed, we’ve scrutinized every element to ensure that you get the best ride possible.

So, sit back, relax, and let us steer you towards a more thrilling, safe, and efficient longboarding experience in 2023.

10 Best Longboard Wheels For Heavy Riders Review

Here are the top 10 of the best longboards wheels for heavy and taller riders. These are recommended by the Reddit & Quora longboarding community, and I’ll mention a couple of cruisers longboard tested by me.

It’s a mix of longboard and cruisers. Cruisers are more agile and great for short commutes, the longboards listed here are great for long-distance riding.

Model  Price
Bigfoot Cored Classics Longboard Wheels Check Price
Orangatang Caguama Check Price
Bigfoot Longboard Wheels  Check Price
Bones Wheels ATF Rough Riders Runners Check Price
Fireball Beast Longboard Wheels Check Price
Cloud Ride! Wheels Ozone Check Price
MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels Check Price
Fireball Tinder Longboard Wheels Check Price
FREEDARE Wheels with Bearings Check Price
Landyachtz Chubby and Fatty Hawgs Wheels Check Price

Bigfoot Cored | Best For Downhill Riders

Bigfoot Cored | Best For Downhill Riders

Introducing the Bigfoot Cored Classics Longboard Wheels, the ultimate choice for intense downhill riders seeking bigger, softer, and high-rebound wheels to conquer any terrain. Measuring an impressive 97mm x 53mm, these wheels stand as some of the largest on the market, ensuring a smooth and thrilling ride for heavy riders and downhill enthusiasts alike.

Crafted with a 78A Super High Rebound (SHR) hardness, the Bigfoot Cored Classics provide the perfect balance of grip, roll, and slide-ability, making them versatile for various riding styles. Whether you’re carving through tight turns or cruising down steep slopes, these wheels offer exceptional traction and control, allowing you to confidently take on any challenge.

Designed with a center set core, the Bigfoot Cored Classics offer remarkable longevity as the rider can flip and rotate the wheels, distributing wear evenly and maximizing their lifespan. This feature proves particularly advantageous for heavy riders, ensuring consistent performance over time.

One of the standout features of these wheels is their softness and size, making them capable of rolling over practically any obstacles in your path. From rough pavements to cracks and debris, the Bigfoot Cored Classics effortlessly glide over it all, providing an unmatched riding experience for those who dare to explore beyond the beaten path.

Perfectly suited for drop-through boards or those with cutouts to avoid wheel bite, the Bigfoot Cored Classics offer extra clearance, granting riders the freedom to maneuver with ease and confidence. Whether you’re commuting through the city streets or taking on daring downhill runs, these wheels will meet and exceed your expectations.

Bigfoot’s dedication to meeting skaters’ needs is evident in the Cored Classics series, specifically designed for those who crave larger wheels. This set of 4 brand new longboard wheels comes equipped with a center set bearing hub and a 78A durometer, ensuring optimal performance and stability.

Overall, if you’re a heavy rider or an adrenaline-seeking downhill enthusiast, the Bigfoot Cored Classics Longboard Wheels are a must-have addition to your setup. Embrace the power of these big, soft, and high-rebound wheels, and experience the thrill of conquering any terrain with unrivaled grip, roll, and slide capabilities. Upgrade your riding experience with Bigfoot Cored Classics and discover a new level of longboarding excitement.

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Orangatang Caguama | Best DIY Electric Eboards

Orangatang Caguama | Best DIY Electric Eboards

the Orangatang Caguama 85mm Longboard Wheels, the ultimate choice for riders seeking big, smooth, and high-performance wheels to take their longboarding experience to new heights. Designed with a focus on maximum speed, comfort, and momentum, these wheels are perfect for various longboarding activities, including commuting, carving, long-distance pushing, pumping, and electric skateboarding.

With a generous 85mm diameter, the Caguama wheels excel in rolling with incredible speed, effortlessly gliding over cracks, rocks, sticks, and even the roughest roads. No terrain is too challenging for these wheels, allowing riders to explore new paths and enjoy a smoother, more enjoyable ride.

The functional design of the Caguama wheels further enhances their performance. The 56mm contact patch with a surface skin ensures confident grip, providing stability and control during turns and maneuvers. Additionally, the subtly rounded edges allow the wheels to pass smoothly across pavement cracks, maintaining a seamless ride.

Crafted with the renowned Happy Thane Formula, the original Orangatang urethane, these wheels offer a winning combination of speed, smoothness, plush feel, and exceptional grip. Available in three durometers, riders can choose between 77a (blue), 80a (orange), and 83a (purple) to suit their specific preferences and riding styles.

The Orangatang Caguama wheels feature a large, supportive core with a fully exposed 46mm design. This core not only reduces the overall weight of the wheels, but it also provides quick acceleration and an abundance of momentum. Moreover, the wheels are compatible with any electric skateboard that can accommodate Orangatang Kegels, enabling riders to achieve an even faster and smoother ride on their electric setups.

Each set of Orangatang Caguama 85mm Longboard Wheels comes complete with Loaded Jehu V2 bearings with integrated spacers and speed rings, ensuring optimal performance and durability right out of the box. Whether you’re a seasoned longboarding veteran or a curious beginner, these wheels promise to elevate your riding experience to new levels of excitement and satisfaction.

In conclusion, the Orangatang Caguama 85mm Longboard Wheels combine speed, comfort, and functionality in one remarkable package. Embrace the power of these big, smooth wheels and unleash the true potential of your longboarding adventures. Take on the streets with confidence, conquer rough terrains with ease, and experience the thrill of riding at top speeds. Upgrade your longboard with the Orangatang Caguama wheels and discover a whole new level of longboarding enjoyment.

Bigfoot | Best Wheel For Mountain Cruiser

Bigfoot | Best Wheel For Mountain Cruiser

If you’re on the hunt for the ultimate wheels that’ll let you tear down mountainsides with exhilarating speed and stability, look no further than the Bigfoot Longboard Wheels 76mm 80A SHR Mountain Cruisers. These wheels are specifically designed for those of us who crave the thrill of going fast, whether it’s slaloming through tight turns or conquering daring downhill descents.

Measuring a mean 76mm x 53mm and boasting an 80A Super High Rebound (SHR) hardness, these wheels are built to handle high speeds like champs. The 80A durometer strikes a perfect balance, providing a good grip and stability at those adrenaline-pumping velocities, ensuring you stay in control even when pushing the limits.

One standout feature of these Mountain Cruisers is their offset core, giving you the edge when it comes to gripping through turns and corners. Say goodbye to unpredictable slides and hello to smooth, controlled maneuvers that let you ride with confidence. These wheels are designed to keep you in command, no matter how intense the ride gets.

Now, let’s talk speed! At 76mm, these wheels are on the larger end of the spectrum, and that’s a good thing. With bigger wheels come greater top speeds. So, if you’re all about pushing the limits and experiencing the thrill of rapid descents, the Mountain Cruisers are your go-to choice. Feel the rush as you maintain top speeds and blaze a trail like never before.

But that’s not all—there’s more to these wheels than just speed. The 80A durometer strikes the perfect balance, offering an ideal level of softness for stability and grip, even when you’re flying down the hills. You’ll feel the wheels hugging the road beneath you, providing that extra bit of assurance that every rider craves.

With their round lip profile and offset core placement, the Mountain Cruisers are the perfect companion for any speed demon out there. Their smooth wheel surface ensures a consistent and predictable ride, allowing you to focus on shredding those mountainsides without any surprises.

So, if you’re ready to take your riding to the next level and experience the adrenaline-fueled rush of high-speed descents, Bigfoot Longboard Wheels 76mm 80A SHR Mountain Cruisers are the way to go. Get ready to unleash your need for speed and conquer the mountains like a pro with these top-notch wheels in your arsenal.

Bones Wheels | Best For Rough Rider Runner

Bones Wheels | Best For Rough Rider Runner

The Bones Wheels ATF Rough Riders Runners Skateboard Wheels, your ticket to a smoother, faster, and safer ride on rough terrain. These wheels are engineered to take your skateboarding experience to the next level, offering a revolutionary formula that excels on challenging surfaces while providing increased speed, impact resistance, and an effortlessly smooth ride. Get ready to conquer the streets with confidence, knowing that you’re equipped with one of the most popular and high-quality choices in skateboard wheels.

This set of Bones Rough Riders Runners Skateboard Wheels includes four wheels, each measuring 56mm in height with a hardness rating of 80a. With these dimensions, you’ll enjoy excellent stability and control, allowing you to take on rougher terrains with ease. No matter the condition of the road, these wheels will get you there quickly and smoothly, thanks to their innovative All-Terrain Formula (ATF) urethane.

The ATF formula is the secret behind the Bones Rough Riders’ exceptional performance. Crafted with a special soft urethane, ATF wheels are specifically designed to excel on rough terrains, providing a comfortable and smooth ride even on bumpy surfaces. Say goodbye to the jarring impact and embrace a more enjoyable skateboarding experience.

Not only do these wheels offer a smooth ride, but they are also built to last. The high-quality urethane construction ensures durability and flatspot resistance, so you can skate with confidence, knowing that your wheels can handle the challenges of your rides.

The Naturally Bonded CORE with a wide contact patch further enhances stability, making these wheels perfect for maintaining control during high-speed rides and aggressive maneuvers. Feel the difference in your ride as you carve through turns with precision and confidence.

At Bones, excellence is the standard. Each wheel is uniquely developed and produced in their own manufacturing plant located in Santa Barbara, CA. This hands-on approach ensures that every Bones wheel features a distinct formula optimized for specific skateboarding applications, providing skaters with unparalleled performance and reliability.

While Bones Wheels may not be the lowest-priced option on the market, their value is unmatched. Their abrasion test chart proves why they are the best value – no flat spots on the first day of use. Remember, you might find cheaper wheels elsewhere, but you’ll never find a better value than Bones.

In conclusion, the Bones Wheels ATF Rough Riders Runners Skateboard Wheels offer the perfect combination of speed, support, and smoothness, making them an excellent choice for tackling rough terrain and elevating your skateboarding game. Experience the difference that top-notch urethane and engineering can make in your ride. Upgrade to the Bones Rough Riders and discover a whole new world of skateboarding excitement and performance.

Fireball Beast | Best For Cruising and Sliding

Fireball Beast | Best For Cruising and Carving

The Fireball Beast 76mm Longboard Wheels 87a, your ticket to an exhilarating downhill cruising and sliding experience like never before. Designed and manufactured in California, these wheels boast 76mm of USA Made ‘R-Type’ Formula, setting the standard for fast and smooth riding, perfect for downhill longboards, skateboards, and cruisers.

The ‘Race’ high-rebound polyurethane formula of the Fireball Beast wheels is the secret behind their exceptional performance. This unique blend ensures a fast and smooth riding experience, allowing you to push the boundaries of speed and control with confidence.

Whether you’re cruising casually or engaging in freeride and downhill skateboarding, the Fireball Beast wheels will not disappoint. Their 87a Urethane ensures you can cruise smoothly and quickly, gliding over rocks, cracks, and debris without missing a beat. Don’t let obstacles slow you down; these wheels will keep you rolling with ease.

The Fireball Beast wheels strike the perfect balance between slip and grip, thanks to their beveled edges and offset core design. As you carve and corner, you’ll experience the right amount of grip for confidence-inspiring control. When the urge to slide strikes, the SlidePrepped() surface comes into play, allowing you to break into a slide effortlessly and create clean lines on the pavement.

For those who crave top-notch quality, you’ll be pleased to know that these wheels are USA made. Fireball manufactures all their wheels in their local California facility, ensuring full control over the manufacturing process. With this dedication to excellence, you can be confident that you’re getting the best wheels on the market at the best price possible.

The Fireball Beast Longboard Wheels come in a set of 4, each measuring 76mm in diameter and 65mm in width, with a durometer rating of 87a. The 50mm contact patch and offset core (37%) further enhance the wheel’s performance, providing stability and smooth rides.

If you want wheels that can handle the adrenaline-fueled challenges of downhill riding and sliding, the Fireball Beast Longboard Wheels 87a are your ultimate choice. Experience the thrill of high-speed cruising, the confidence of controlled carving, and the freedom of effortless sliding with these top-of-the-line wheels. Don’t settle for less; upgrade to Fireball Beast Longboard Wheels and revolutionize your skateboarding adventures.

Cloud Ride | Best Freeride Wheel For Slide

Cloud Ride | Best Freeride Wheel For Slide

Cloud Ride Wheels Ozone, the ultimate centerset freeride wheels that were born to slide. With their world-renowned urethane formula, these wheels are designed to take your freeriding experience to new heights. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a thrill-seeking beginner, the Ozone wheels are the ideal choice for those seeking tons of slip and smooth, buttery slides.

At 70mm in diameter, the Ozone wheels feature a 37mm contact patch and a 6mm rounded lip, translating to incredible slip capabilities, making them the perfect companions for freeriding enthusiasts. Their pre-ground finish allows you to hit the pavement straight away, experiencing these wheels just as they were meant to be ridden. Additionally, the centerset hub design grants you the freedom to flip the wheels and extend their lifespan, ensuring you get the most out of your Ozone wheels.

Thanks to Cloud Ride’s signature Cloud-Thane formula, riding on the Ozone wheels feels like gliding on air. The round lip design of the wheels helps maintain their shape even under force, allowing for easy and predictable slides. Leave your mark on every spot you choose to shred, as the Ozone wheels leave behind solid lines as evidence of your freeride conquests.

Cloud Ride is dedicated to pouring top-quality urethane into every wheel they produce, with an unwavering focus on durability and meticulous attention to detail. When you ride on Cloud Ride wheels, you can trust that you’re experiencing the finest craftsmanship, ready to handle the rigors of your most intense sessions.

Beyond compare, Cloud Ride’s full line of wheels rivals the best in the industry. These Ozone wheels stand proudly alongside products from other esteemed brands such as Orangatang, Sector 9, Hawgs, Powell-Peralta, and Blood Orange. Choose Cloud Ride, and you’ll be in the company of greatness.

Cloud Ride is on a mission to make skating more fun, and the Ozone wheels are a testament to that commitment. Whether you’re downhill bombing or cruising along the sidewalk, Cloud Ride offers a wide selection of shapes and sizes to cater to your every skateboarding need.

In conclusion, Cloud Ride! Wheels Ozone 70mm 80A, 83A, and 86A Urethane Longboard Wheel Set is the epitome of freeride wheels. Experience the joy of smooth slides, effortless control, and durability that will keep you shredding for sessions to come. Elevate your freeriding game with Cloud Ride’s Ozone wheels and leave your mark on every spot you conquer. Embrace the essence of freeride and discover the thrill of sliding with Cloud Ride.

MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels | Best For Off- Road

MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

fellow longboarders! If you’re looking to take your longboarding adventures to new heights, then look no further than the MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels. These wheels are the perfect addition to any longboarder’s quiver, offering unmatched off-road capabilities and the freedom to explore various terrains like never before.

Picture this: 100mm x 65mm all-terrain longboard wheels cast with 78a super-high-rebound urethane. These wheels are built for speed, and when we say speed, we mean it. Experience unparalleled velocity as you cruise along sidewalks, pavement, hard-packed dirt, or even short grass. Nothing can hold you back when you’ve got these bad boys under your board.

The MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels are engineered to handle rough terrains like champs. Feel the thrill of conquering off-road paths that were previously off-limits to traditional longboard wheels. Now, you can carve through dirt trails and grassy fields with ease, adding a whole new dimension to your longboarding experience.

The 78a super-high-rebound urethane ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, no matter the surface. Glide over cracks, bumps, and uneven terrain without breaking a sweat. These wheels soak up the imperfections, making your ride buttery smooth.

And here’s the best part – these all-terrain wheels are not just for off-road adventures. They seamlessly transition to urban environments, allowing you to shred the streets and sidewalks like a pro. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to endless possibilities.

The versatility of these wheels is unmatched. You can easily swap them onto your existing longboard, instantly transforming it into an all-terrain beast. Embrace the freedom of exploration as you venture off the beaten path, leaving ordinary longboarders in the dust.

With the MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels, there’s no need to limit yourself to one type of terrain. Experience the adrenaline rush of high-speed rides, the joy of off-road exploration, and the satisfaction of mastering various surfaces. The possibilities are endless, and the thrill is boundless.

So, if you’re ready to elevate your longboarding game and add a whole new dimension to your riding, the MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels are the way to go. Embrace the freedom of riding on any terrain, be it sidewalks, pavement, dirt, or grass. Don’t let anything hold you back – unleash your adventurous spirit and conquer every terrain with confidence. Upgrade to the MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels and embrace the true essence of longboarding freedom.

Fireball Tinder | Best Wheel For Smooth Rider

Fireball Tinder | Best Wheel For Smooth Rider

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect cruising wheels that offer a buttery smooth riding experience and handle any terrain with ease, then look no further than the Fireball Tinder 60mm Longboard Wheels 81a. These USA-made cruiser skateboard wheels are designed to elevate your longboarding adventures, whether you’re into cruising, dancing, or downhill freeriding.

Measuring 60mm in diameter, these longboard skateboard cruiser wheels are versatile and fit various setups, including popular small cruiser boards and penny boards. Whatever your preferred ride, the Fireball Tinder wheels are here to deliver top-notch performance and make cruising a breeze.

With our 81a ‘B-Type’ Formula, manufactured right here in California, you can skate over rocks, cracks, and debris with confidence. This high-rebound polyurethane offers unparalleled speed and a smooth riding experience, so you can focus on enjoying the journey, no matter the terrain.

One of the standout features of the Fireball Tinder wheels is our SlidePrepped(TM) formula. We’ve specially formulated these wheels for leaving massive urethane lines behind as you slide. The rounded lips allow for progressive breaking-in of the wheels, giving you consistent slides right down to the core. Embrace the freedom of effortless slides and leave your mark wherever you ride.

With a big centerset urethane/fiberglass core, these wheels provide maximum strength and predictable slides throughout the entire life of the wheel. Whether you’re going downhill or cruising around town, these wheels are designed to shred, delivering unparalleled performance that lasts.

Each set of Fireball Tinder 60mm Longboard Wheels 81a comes with four wheels, each measuring 60mm in diameter and 40mm in width. With a durometer of 81a and a contact patch of 35mm, these wheels are finely tuned to offer the perfect blend of speed, grip, and smoothness for your cruising pleasure. The centerset core is set at 50%, ensuring optimal performance and even wear.

And guess what? We’ve got even more options! Check out our 65mm and 70mm Tinder wheels, also available separately. With our wide range of choices, you can find the perfect size and durometer to suit your specific preferences and riding style.

In conclusion, the Fireball Tinder 60mm Longboard Wheels 81a are the ultimate soft cruising wheels for skateboard longboards and cruisers. Manufactured in the USA and designed to excel on any terrain, these wheels offer a fast, smooth, and enjoyable riding experience. Upgrade your cruising setup with Fireball Tinder wheels and embrace the true essence of longboarding freedom. Get ready to cruise like never before and enjoy every moment of your ride.

FREEDARE Wheels | Best For Street Rider

FREEDARE Wheels | Best For Street Rider

The FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels with Bearings – 60mm longboard wheels that are perfect for street cruising and more. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a beginner stepping on a board for the first time, these wheels are the ideal choice for a smooth, quiet, and durable ride.

The FREEDARE skateboard wheels are made from 83A polyurethane material, offering perfect durability and stability. The wheels measure 60mm in diameter and 45mm in width, with pre-installed bearings that are 22mm x 8mm. This size is ideally suited for skateboarding, longboarding, and cruising, making these wheels incredibly versatile. You can use them on any ground – ramps, sidewalks, smooth concrete, or asphalt.

These wheels don’t just promise quality; they deliver it. The 83A hardness PU material ensures a smooth ride that is both fast and silent, perfect for those downhill rides. The grippy edge enhances control, giving you the confidence to tackle any terrain.

What sets FREEDARE skateboard wheels apart is their perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. The wheels feature black cores with three LED lights wrapped in 83A lucency PU high-grade urethane. They not only roll durably for street skating but also provide an extremely smooth ride on skate park terrain. The LED lights add a touch of brightness and fun to your ride, making these wheels a hit among skaters of all ages.

With the FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels, you’re not just getting high-performance wheels; you’re also getting the best price and service. We offer a 30-day return on all complete wheels, ensuring complete customer satisfaction. These wheels are available in a variety of colors: Clear blue (no lights), clear black (3 different lights), clear pink (3 different lights), clear red (3 different lights), and clear yellow (3 different lights).

The FREEDARE polyurethane wheels are produced by a professional manufacturer in China that guarantees premium products for all riders. We aim to show you the most authentic side of our products and welcome any queries or concerns.

In summary, the FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels with Bearings offer a perfect balance of speed, control, and durability, making them an excellent choice for skaters of all levels. Experience the thrill of cruising the streets or shredding the skate park with these high-quality, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing wheels. Embrace the freedom to skate anywhere, anytime with the FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels.

Landyachtz Chubby and Fatty Hawgs Wheels

Landyachtz Chubby and Fatty Hawgs Wheels

Introducing the Landyachtz Chubby and Fatty Hawgs Wheels – your ticket to a whole new level of carving and cruising. These high-quality skateboard wheels come in two sizes – 60mm and 63mm – with a smooth 78a durometer, ensuring an exceptional ride on any terrain.

The 60mm x 45mm size is perfect for all sorts of carving and cruising, offering a balance between agility and stability. No matter the size of your double kick board or freeride deck, these versatile wheels will have you tackling all kinds of terrain with ease.

You have the option of choosing between two finishes – Glossy or Stone Ground. The Glossy wheels come with a sticky/tacky outer layer, making them grippier straight out of the box. While they provide excellent traction, they may require a bit of breaking in and can sometimes result in flat spots. On the other hand, the Stone-Ground Wheels have their glossy outer layer removed after pouring, requiring no “breaking in” period. This means you can slide these wheels smoothly right from the start.

Despite their name, the Chubby Hawgs are surprisingly agile. Their soft and small size, coupled with the stone ground finish, make them suitable for all sorts of adventures. You’ll find yourself confidently shredding hills or smoothly sliding through the streets with these little piggies.

The wide contact patch for their size allows for consistent slides, making these wheels perfect for freeriding hills and practicing slides. Put them on your commuter board for a stylish downtown ride or attach them to your double kick board to hit driveways and pull off hardcore slashing tricks. The Landyachtz Chubby and Fatty Hawgs Wheels are incredibly versatile, providing non-stop fun in all skateboarding endeavors.

Whether you’re seeking a smooth cruise through the city or a thrilling downhill ride, these Chubby and Fatty Hawgs wheels deliver. Embrace the agility, grip, and slide capabilities of these wheels and elevate your skateboarding game to new heights. Hit the streets, carve like a pro, and experience the joy of skateboarding with the Landyachtz Chubby and Fatty Hawgs Wheels.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Longboard Wheels for Heavy Riders

1. Wheel Size Matters

For heavy riders, larger wheels offer more stability and a smoother ride. Look for wheels with a diameter of 70mm and above, as they tend to handle bumps and cracks better.

2. Durometer: Finding the Right Hardness

The durometer rating determines the hardness of the wheels. Heavy riders should opt for wheels with a lower durometer (78A to 87A) as they provide better shock absorption and grip on rough surfaces.

3. Material: Urethane is King

Urethane wheels are the most popular choice due to their excellent grip, durability, and shock absorption capabilities, making them perfect for heavy riders.

4. Core Construction: Strengthening the Wheels

Look for wheels with a solid core construction, as they offer better support and stability, making them suitable for riders with extra weight.

5. Contact Patch: Finding the Right Balance

A larger contact patch provides more grip, while a smaller one offers easier slides. Strike a balance based on your riding style and preferences.

6. Shape: Different Strokes for Different Folks

Wheels come in various shapes, such as square-edged, round-edged, and beveled. Each shape offers different riding characteristics, so choose accordingly.

FAQs about Longboard Wheels for Heavy Riders

Q: Are soft or hard wheels better for heavy riders?

A: For heavy riders, slightly softer wheels (around 78A to 85A) are generally better. They provide better shock absorption and grip, resulting in a smoother and more controlled ride.

Q: Can I use longboard wheels designed for tricks as a heavy rider?

A: It’s not recommended to use wheels designed for tricks if you’re a heavy rider. These wheels are usually smaller and harder, lacking the stability and shock absorption needed for heavier individuals.

Q: How do I know if the wheels can handle my weight?

A: Check the manufacturer’s weight recommendations for the specific wheels you’re considering. High-quality wheels are designed to handle heavier loads and will usually have weight guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

Q: Should I go for larger or smaller diameter wheels?

A: For heavy riders, larger diameter wheels are generally better as they offer increased stability and roll speed. However, it also depends on your riding style and preferences.

Q: What is the average lifespan of longboard wheels for heavy riders?

A: The lifespan of longboard wheels can vary depending on factors like the quality of the urethane, riding style, and frequency of use. High-quality wheels can last anywhere from several months to a year or more with proper care.

Q: Can I replace the wheels on my existing longboard with ones better suited for heavy riders?

A: Yes, most longboards allow for wheel replacements. Consult your longboard’s specifications and look for wheels that match the appropriate durometer and size for heavy riders.


Selecting the right longboard wheels is crucial for heavy riders seeking an enjoyable and stable riding experience. Consider factors such as durometer, contact patch size, wheel diameter, and urethane quality to find the perfect fit for your needs and style.

Remember to prioritize safety and invest in high-quality wheels that can handle your weight while delivering exceptional performance. With the right set of wheels, heavy riders can confidently carve the streets and embark on thrilling longboarding adventures.

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